As an approved carrier working with your Parade enabled brokerage partner you now have access to view, quote, and book loads through a number of different solutions.

These tools are completely free to use as a carrier to help you continue to build relationships directly with your brokerage partners.

Brokerage Partner Page

What is it?

A Partner Page is a new white-label page provided by Parade enabled brokerages This enables you to have a direct line to freight opportunities and accessing your carrier rep in real-time. 

How this feature caters to help you book loads more efficiently 

Ease of doing business

  • Partner Page can be bookmarked by you as the carrier

  • Partner page can be accessed from your load opportunity emails

  • Partner Page can be linked directly from your brokerage partner

Constant up-to-date relationships

  • With this page you can easily broadcast your freight needs and immediately request specific freight options without calling the broker. 

Digitization of bookings

  • You now can digitally book or quote loads from the page without calling in to the broker. 

  • This allows you to see freight as it becomes available in the broker's TMS

How does it work?

Each partner page has a unique and permanent web address and can be accessed by going tot he following URL:

Security & Signing in

All pages are secured through Parade's identity management platform for carriers. You may use your Parade credentials to access any of your brokerage partners page, one username and password for all Parade enabled brokerages.

How can you access through my load opportunity emails?

  1. Access live partner pages through your engagement email

How else can I access these pages?

  1. Simply go to to gain immediate access to all your partner pages. 

Click below to access your partner pages today:

Parade Partner Page Access

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