Searching for freight is the easiest way to view and compare all load options for a specific lane. 

Parade search functions in the following ways to give you the best results. 

Search Criteria


You can make this a driver name, truck number, or something to help you organize your searches


Pick your desired equipment type for this search


You may select a specific city and state, a state only or even a region. For best results use a city and state, as this allows us to calculate your deadhead mileage

Available Date

Select the date that this capacity will be available, keep in mind Parade will show you loads that are picking up the next day as well. 

EXAMPLE: If your available date is 9/9/2019, you will also see loads available for pickup on 9/10/2019

Desired Delivery

You must enter a desired delivery, as this helps Parade's predictive analysis determine which lanes your trucking company needs. You may enter any number of different delivery locations, including USA to show all loads. 

Dallas, Texas
USA (for all loads)

Once you click on Search, this is a continuous search that will always show you the most recent available loads from brokerages in real time. 

Start your first load search today!


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