My Partners

The My Partners page allows you to build relationships and interact directly with your brokerage partners and with your carrier sales rep. 

The brokerages that will be listed in this section of Parade for Carriers are brokerages that you are currently setup with. 

Once you select a specific brokerage partner, you can take a look at Recommended Load offers that fit your preferences based on equipment and lane preferences.

How to interact

Once you see a load that your interested in you can do the following actions:

Quote, Book, Save or Pass loads

These actions will automatically update your lane preferences with that specific brokerage partner to continue to deliver curated loads that fit your needs. 

Quote & Book

Using the green Quote and orange Book Now button will allow you to interact directly with your carrier rep. 

Save or Pass

Using the icons to Save or Pass on a load will help you organize and update lane preferences in real time. Once you continue to execute on this, Parade will actively search for better loads that fit your needs. 

Your Shared Lanes

To help you share your immediate lane preferences with your partners, you can added lane preferences into the My Partners page. This will broadcast your immediate needs directly to your brokerage partners. 

The My Partners page is built with your company in mind, giving you the control to curate loads specifically to your needs. 

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